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AVRO 504 SPARE PART LIST This is an Original parts book printed by AVRO in 1916. It covers the 504 A,B,C and D versions specifically.It's hardbound, contains 100 pages and is in near mint condition.Since it was printed before the introduction of the most common 504, the K, it's not included but I'm sure most of the material pertains to it as well. It has many ill. of parts. A real rarity. $175


Beech UC-43/GB-2 Pilot's Flight Operating Inst TO No 01-90CC-1 July30, 1943 31 pp exlib stamp on Title & contents pp ow good $90



Beech AT-7, C-45B & SNB-2 Pilots Information Manual & Checklist Pub by Beecha Aircraft Co. 12pp Orig Heavy Board Covers $45


Beechcraft AT10 (Mod 26) This airplane was developed to meet the requirements for a multie-ingine trainer using primarily wood, reserving as much metal as possible for front-line aircraft. There were almost 2000 of these airplanes built but manuals and info are relatively scarce. This was an in-house manual done in blue lineprinting style, probably before military manual was available. $60


Curtiss F.2.a Flying Boat "Large America" Techinical Notespub by RAF 32 pp w/foldouts& rigging diag $45



Curtiss "FALCON" Handbook of Instructions for Army Air Corps Types O1-B,O1-C, O-11, A-3, XA-4 & XO-12. May 1928 75 pp. A very rare and near mint orig. manual $150


Grumman J4F-1 "Widgeon" Pilot's Handbook Original 44 pp hdbk printed by Grumman prob. 1941 Ex condition $150


Hawker Hart (2 seat Day Bomber) Handbook w/Kestrel Engine RAF Air Publication 1404A June 1936 104 pp and lots of foldouts as well. Good condition other than slight chipping and detached rear cover. Covers Aircarf s/nJ.9933-K.3054 $125


Kaman HH-43B Helicopter Flight Manual USAF TO 1H-43-(H)B-1 Prtd 18 Feb 1964, Revised 11 Dec 1964 176 pp Ex Cond in 3 ring binder $40

Kaman UH-2A/UH-2B NATOPS Flight Manual NAVAIR 01-260HCA-2 260 pp Prtd 15 Oct 1966 5 shts info on it's forerunner HU2K laid in $40


Lockheed PV-1 Ventura Service Mechanics Handbook Lots of detail and great illustrations in this orig. 141 pp. manual $60


T-6C/SNJ-4 Pilot's Handbook AN 01-60FE-1 5 Jan. 1945, Revised to 25 August 1949 40 pp. $40

B-24 Inspection & Maint. Instruction Forms $20

B-24 & B-32 Student's Notebook AAF Tech. School Keesler Field,MI 100-150 pp. 1944 $25

B-25 North American Aircraft Service School Lectures great Ill. Prob. 400-500 pp. 1942 $50

B-29 Aircraft Insp.& Maint. Guide 00-20A-2-B-29 1 Feb. 1945 174 pp. $25

B-32 Transition Training Pilot's Check List 4-17-45 $20

T-34B NATOPS Flight Manual NAVAIR 01-90KDB-1 1 January 1966 $75

PT-17 Pilot's Check List WWII era $25

C-46 Commando Training Lectures 340 pp. Very well Ill. Printed by C-W, Buffalo,NY 1943 $100

C-46 Pilot Training Manual Post WWII I believe. Prepared by 2587th AF Reserve Tng. Center, Birmingham Municipal Airport, Birmingham Alabama Most likely late 40's.40 pp. Also 20 pp. Standard Operating Procedures for C-46 Type Aircraft. Both period style mimeograph-type printings. $35

F-84E Pilot Training & Transition Chklist 2 May 1949 $15

F-86E Flight Handbook USAF TO 1F-86E-1J 25 Feb. 1953 196 pp. $100


F9F-8T Flight Handbook NAVAER 01-85FGH-501 15 Mar 1957, Rev. 1 Nov. 1957 115 pp. $100

B-47 Aircraft Accident Analysis SAC Tech. Pamphlet 62-1 28 pp. $40

KC & C-97 Aircraft Accident Analysis SAC Tech. Pamphlet 62-4 12 pp. $35

F-100F Super Sabre Instrument Manual USAF TO 1f-100F(I)-2-7 14 Sept. 1962, Rev. 20 May 1975 Prob. 350-500 pp. $60

U-21A Operator's Manual Dept.of Army TM 55-1510-209-10 25 March 1977 264 pp. $25

Browning Machine Gun Cal .50,M2 Training Manual by AC Spark Plug & Frigidaire Divisions of General Motors 82pp. $30