Sales Literature 

#272. Aerocar:
Brochure for Molt Taylor's "flying automobile, the car with the built-in freeway." Includes specifications, performance, and lists the "time to change from plane to car- five min."! This piece depicts a certain naiveté characteristic of the 50's with wonderful photos of the rare Aerocar. 8x11, printed on one side. Ex cond SOLD  

#273. Aeromarine Flying Boats ca.1920:
This brochure is for Model 40 & 50 flying boats. The Aeromarine Plane & Motor Co. at Keyport, N.J. was unique in the sense that " it was built on the theory that an aircraft company should construct every single part of the airplane that bears its name." Several nice ill. and specs. 5 1/2 x 8, 8 pp. tape on spine O/W Good cond SOLD

#274. America Eagle Aircraft Corp . 1929:
Four brochures for the "master of the skies" on the following airplanes: A-129 3-Place Biplane, Engines from OX-5@$2995 to Wright Whirlwind@$7195, A-229 2-Place Training Biplane with OX-5 @$2995, A-329 Closed Cabin Monoplane w/OX-5 @$3995 to Whirlwind@$7995 and A-429 2-Place Light Sport Biplane, Szekely@$1895 & LeBlond@$2495. Nicely ill. (A-129 Cover in striking black and red color) with specs. All 8 1/2 x 11. Some soiling to edges o/w good cond. All four for SOLD 

#279. Consolidated Aircraft Corp. ca.1930:
Wonderfully colored ill. brochure with a deco look for the Fleetster model 17 and 20, examples of Fleetster's "convertible land plane or seaplane." 7 1/2 x10 1/2 VG cond $100 

#280. Consolidated Aircraft Corporation ca.1930:
Brochure promoting the corporation, discussing personnel ,capitalization ,methods and products, markets and the future, with several ill. of aircraft and photos of Reuben Fleet and Larry Bell, two giants in the industry. Designed to fold in half for mailing. 8x9, 8 pp. VG cond $100 

#281. Curtiss Challenger Engine ca.1929:
Very attractive brochure, includes ill. and photo's of engine and acft. in which it was installed. (Curtiss Robin and Fairchild Cabin) Sharp looking beige card cover with embossed graphic detail of the Challenger engine in black and orange. Last (blank) page has handwritten notes. Name Hooker in Pencil on cover. 8 1/2 x 11 16 pp. VG cond SOLD

#282. Continental Aircraft Engines ca.1928:
Tri-Fold Brochure (6 pages), describing it's new 7 cyl. radial engine. Charming period cover of Ryan Brougham airplane. Good cond SOLD

#283. Fairchild Aircraft:  
Five crisp wartime brochures with color photos of aircraft on front, specs. and details appear on back page, inside is blank for letter space. The exception being the C-82 piece which is a single sheet with artist's conception on front and "Tomorrow's Cargo Transport Today" ad copy on the reverse. The following aircraft are covered: PT-19B, PT-26 ( RCAF Yellow) ,UC-61A, AT-21 and C-82. All 8x10. Ex cond $50 for group 

#284. Fleet Aircraft Inc . ca.1929:
Fabulous colorfully illustrated brochure for the Fleet 2 with great watercolor ill. and photos of construction as well as text with specs. etc. This piece has the look and feel of the roaring 20's. 8x10 1/2 , 8 pp. Ex cond $125 

#285. Fokker Aircraft Corp. of America 1929:
Brochure produced while Fokker was controlled by General Motors. Fokker was chief designer and Eddie Rickenbacker was VP in charge of sales. Illustrated with many photos of historic and record setting aircraft. Includes a two page spread with exterior and interior photo, interior layout, features, specs. and price of each of the following aircraft: Universal, Super-Universal, F-14A Mail-Plane, F-9 Tri-Motor, F-10A Tri-Motor, F-32, F-11A Amphib., F11-A Flying Boat. Designed to be folded for easy mailing. Striking deco design in blue w/blk. on cover. 9x9, 30 pp. Ex cond $150

#286. Ford Tri-Motor 1927 Titled: " The New Era of Transportation":
The 1st Ford Tri-Motor catalog issued in 1927 by the Stout Metal Airplane Co., Div. of Ford Motor Co. This deluxe string-bound catalog has many full-page ill. and much text. In very good overall cond. 9 x 11 30 Pages $300

#287. Monocoupe Corporation 1930:
Brochure for that early corporate flyer. Entitled "Advice To The Tired Business Man" Only two ill., NC-517V in the centerfold and a display of the parts for the $100 Lambert R266 Repair kit. (Jugs, pistons w/rings, gaskets, lifters, plugs and valve guides-Such a deal!) Specs. and prices for The Monocoupe 90, 110 and 125. 4 x 5 1/2, 16 pp. Ex cond SOLD 

#288. North American Aviation Folder w/9 paper Planes included for assembly:
Early 50's NAA folder w/planes to be cutout, glued to cardboard and placed on North American Aviation inc. stands made same way. Airplanes are T-6G,T-28,F-51,F-86,F-86D,AJ-1,B-25,F-82,RB-45. Boys and their toys! Folder Size 5 x 9 1/2 Ex cond SOLD 

#289. Piper Cub 1940:
Ill. brochure with details and specs. on J-3 w/40,50,60 & 65, J-4 w/65 and J-5 w/75. Prices ranging from $995 for 40 hp Cub to $1995 for the J4-C. Fire engine red w/ yellow cover. VG cond SOLD 

#290. Piper Cub In War and in Peace 1944:
Brochure contains air brushed color ills. by Bud Stone (Piper Factory Artist) of the following aircraft: L-4 "Grasshopper", AE-1 Ambulance, Super Cruiser, J-3 Trainer, Sea Scout, (J-3 on floats) Piper Cub PT. (Ex. Trainer) Text describing Piper's history, role in war effort and future of aviation. Interesting ill. of Sky Sedan and an artist's conception of what looks like a metallized, strutless Super Cruiser w/retractable gear. Attractive card cover w/J-3 ill. 6x9, 32 pp. Ex cond $75 

#291. Piper "What Your Town Needs For The Coming Air Age" by W.T. Piper ca. 1945:
Brochure discusses the anticipated postwar boom in private aviation. Heavy blue card cover with ills. in blk/wht. Mint cond $40 

#292. Piper Vagabond 1948:
One page flyer Announcing the New Vagabond, "the outstanding aircraft value of the year". 8x10 
Ex cond $15 

#293. Pratt & Whitney Wasp & Hornet Brochure, ca.1932 Contains terrific graphics (half-tone's and photos) of many of the famous aviators and aircraft of the period. Amelia Earhart/Vega, Jimmy Doolittle/Gee Bee,Mae Haizlip/Wedell-Williams,Roscoe Turner/Wedell-Williams, James Haizlip/Wedell-Williams plus others including a list of commercial operators who used Army and Navy engines. Good cond SOLD 

#294. Republic Aviation Seabee Amphibian 1946:
Colorful brochure for the ever-popular Seabee with a "strictly feminine" and "strictly masculine" perspective on flying and why the Seabee is suited to both sexes. 6 x 8 1/2, 20 pp. Good cond $60 

#295. S-38 Sikorsky Amphibian:  
A nicely ill. brochure for the S-38, lots of int./ext. photos, text and specs.
Ex cond 8 x 10, 16 pp.Good cond $175

#296. Sikorsky S-43 Amphibian ca.1937:
This brochure has a fantastic centerfold which is a collage of the aircraft Sikorsky produced in this country. Contains 3-view, cabin arrangement and plenty of detail and text. 4th Edition, 8x11, 20 pp.
VG cond SOLD 

#297. Stinson Voyager/Station Wagon 1947:  
This catalog has outstanding color ills. of these rugged workhorse airplanes. Two out of the three NC numbers shown in cat. are still on the FAA roles. Printed on heavy paper w/beautiful ill. of Stinson Voyager on cover. Ex cond SOLD

#298. Supply Division Incorporated Catalog #20 1946:
A large wholesale aeronautical supply catalog of all sorts of av. merchandise including instruments, flying gear, shop tools, everything an A&E or FBO needed. Especially interesting is a "bubble canopy" for the PT-19 and paint chips w/aircraft names. Examples: Loening Yellow, 2 shades of Cub yellow and Stearman Vermilion, also known as Taylorcraft Red, Pirate Red and Aeronca Red! In an orig. Supply Div. Inc. binder. 9 x 11 1/2 , 240 pp. VG cond SOLD 

#299. Swift GC-1A 1944:
Brochure with pleasant color cover ill., many photos and details for 85 HP Cont. powered Swift. Announces soon to be available with 100 HP Lycoming. 10x7, 16 pp. Ex cond $60 

#300. Taylor Cub 1934:
Fold out mailer for the Taylor Cub. Nice ill. with NC12630 in center in three colors surrounded by half-tone ill. On back are specs. and prices for both A40 and Aeromarine powered versions. The listed cruising speeds: A40, 70 mph and Aeromarine, 85 mph. (I doubt it!) Designed to be tri-folded and mailed. 11 1/2 x17 when open. Ex cond $75 

#301. Taylor Cub E-2:
14 1/2 x10, 3-view blueprint with specs. and 8 x 10 factory photo of NC14327 which was sent to people asking for more detail on Cub. Ex cond $50 

#302. Thomas-Morse Aircraft Corp. ca. 1920:
Sales catalog for the following T-M products: S-4C, S-4E, S-5 , S-6, S-7 and their 8-90 V-8 engine. Printed on cream paper giving the many half-tones a delightful sepia quality. Attractive T-M bird logo on the cover as well as the orig. owner's name. Some chipping to cover o/w VG. cond. 6 x 9, 24 pp
Good cond. SOLD 

#303. WACO ca. 1930: 
Sales brochure for the whacko WACO lover with specs. and prices on following models: 90 w/OX-5, 150 w/Hisso, 165 w/J6-5, 225 w/J6-7. (which was available with both straight and taper wing) 6 1/2 x 4, 16 pp. $100 

#304. WACO C Cabin ca.1932:  
Brochure includes specs and details for the all-weather, all-purpose, Model C cabin biplane with Continental A-70 (165 HP) Engine @ $5985. Handsome deco cover. 5 1/2 x8 1/2 (opens to 12 1/2 x 8 1/2) Ex cond $125 

#305. WACO - "Ask Any Pilot" 15th Anv. Catalog 1937:
Brochure for C-7 Cabin, S-7 Cabin and F-7 2/3 place which was $200 less if coupe top was omitted. Twenty-one diff. variations available depending on engine choice. 11 x 8 1/2, 12 pp. Ex cond $175 

#306. Wright-Martin Aircraft Corp . 1917:
Entitled, "The Story Of The Aeroplane", this sales brochure stresses the importance of the Wright's developments and magnitude of the company before entering into details of the following products: Wright-Martin Model V mil. tractor biplane w/Hisso A, Model R mil. biplane w/Hisso and the Simplex Hispano-Suiza Model A and B( 4 cyl.) engines. 6x9, 24 pp. Center staples loose o/w good cond SOLD 

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