All of these are real photo, period, postcards.

#342. Knabenshue's Airship: 
Knabenshue at the helm of a Curtiss-powered T.S. Baldwin Airship, perhaps the California Arrow. He later went on to become manager of the Wright Co. exhibition team ca.1910. Unused and ex cond. SOLD

#347. Langley Aerodrome 1914: 
This machine, constructed in the Smithsonian shops, made several unsuccessful attempts at powered flight in the months preceding the Wright Bros. success. Later loaned to Glenn Curtiss, who modified it, and flew it successfully at Hammondsport, NY. It was at the core of the controversy between the Smithsonian and Orville Wright which caused him to loan the original Wright Flyer to an English museum. One corner creased, otherwise good cond SOLD

#348. Curtiss America Flying Boat June, 1914: 
Formally named the Curtiss-Wanamaker Model H Boat, this was the largest flying boat of the day and built to attempt the first transatlantic crossing. Standing on right, facing camera is Lt. J.C. Porte, the Englishman who was to be the pilot. The airplane proved to be quite successful but WWI broke out before the flight could be attempted. The America was sold to England who used it during the war. Ex unused cond SOLD 

#349. Curtiss NC-4 Transatlantic Flyer. May 1919: 
This further development of the America shown near the end of its successful flight near Lisbon, Portugal.
Ex unused cond SOLD 

#352. Supermarine S6 Schneider Cup Winner 1929: 
Surely one of the most beautiful airplanes of all time. It set a world speed record of 357.7 MPH. Several minor creases. Good cond $40 

#354. Admiral R.E. Byrd's Ford TriMotor "Floyd Bennett" 1929:
This airplane was the first to fly over the South Pole on Nov. 28-29,1929. Left in the Antarctic by Byrd, he found it in good condition when he returned in 1934 and brought it back to the USA the following year. It is still on display in Greenfield Village, the Ford museum. I've seen very few photo postcards of this aircraft. This one was copyrighted by B.A.E. Unused ex cond $40 

#355. Sikorsky S-39A Amphibion 1930 (Two Postcards):
This was the second production S-39A (later modified to S-39B). The second postcard is a front view. The airplane is in Sikorsky factory paint scheme and the cards are probably factory adv. items.
Unused ex cond $50 

#356. Dornier DOX Flying Boat 1930: 
This mammoth 12-engined flying boat was less than successful, although it did make several transatlantic flights. This oversize (5 3/4 x 4 1/8) German postcard is in unused ex cond. SOLD 

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