#252. Pan American Airways Sikorsky S-41 Amphibian Reg. #NC-41V:
Sikorsky photo S41-1032, dated 8/3/30 delivered to PanAm 9/26/30 and one of only 3 operated by them, 8x10. VG cond. $25 

#253. Pan American Airways Sikorsky S-40 Flying Boat:
Sikorsky photo #893, 3/4 left front shot of acft. w/engines running, 8x10 Ex cond $35 



Military Photos 
The following photos are all period 8 x 10 prints in good or better cond.

#261. Grumman F3F-2 in Marine 2-MF-1 markings. Full right side view. Official Navy Photo $20 

#263. Boeing 377 Stratoliner in TWA markings w/Co. of 160th Cal. National Guard in front. Acme News photo. $20 

#265. Republic P-47K, 3/4 front left view, official military photo #12560 $15 

#266. DeHavilland Mosquito in US Markings, left front 3/4 view, DeHavilland/Canada #1503 $20 



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