Odd Bits

Aircraft/Engine ID Plates 

Aircraft/Engine Co. Lapel Pins 

The following appear to be from the 40's and gold-filled (GF) or plated unless otherwise stated.

#225. Beechcraft Bonanza: 
This 3/4 in. WS screw-back Bonanza has 35 (for Model) on rt. wing. Ex cond $35 

#226. Bell Aircraft Five Year Service Award:
This 1/2 in. diameter screw-back pin is GF and blue enamel Ex cond $30 

#227. Boeing Wichita Division:
This is the famed Boeing "Bug" design. The Boeing in large letters vertically (3/4 in.) and has 7/8 inch WS. Just what all you Stearman/Boeing Kaydet drivers need! Ex cond SOLD 

#228. Cessna: 
The Cessna in outline form with wing logo. Late 40's style, 1/2 diameter, screw-back. Ex cond $35 

#230. Curtiss-Wright:
This 1 in. WS screw-back pin has a red enamel rectangle in center w/Curtss-Wright flying service logo. Early 30's. Slight flaw in area of airplane in enamel field Ex cond SOLD 

#231. Fleetwings: 
This 1 1/8 WS sterling pin has the Fleetwing logo of what appears to be a gull's head in the center. Ex cond SOLD 

#233. Lycoming Aviation Mfg. Co.:
This winged blue enamel "L" screw-back pin has 3/4 in. WS. Screw-back style Ex cond $30 

#234. Vought-Sikorsky: 
This unmarked but, certainly silver, 1 in. WS pin-back has "VS" in a blue enamel field in center of wing. Ex cond SOLD 

Aircraft Plant Badges 

#235. Curtiss #10571:
This 1 1/2 x 1 1/4 oblong employee badge is from the Elmwood, NY (Buffalo) plant during WW2. Appears to be nickel or nickel-silver with black enamel. Curtiss script logo above number and winged globe below. Ex cond $30 


Airline Related Objects 

#239. DOX Tie clip:
This mammoth one of a kind flying boat is memorialized in this enamel and metal tie clip. The airplane is an inch long. Nickel silver is base metal, I believe. The DOX has a blue fuselage and green wings. Ex cond SOLD

#241. PanAm Flying Clipper Tie clip:
Nickel-silver tie clip with Martin flying boat. The airplane is 7/8 in. long. Ex cond SOLD

#242. TWA Lapel Pin:
This silver pin-back is a 7/8 inch WS DC-3 with "TWA" embossed on its wing. Ex cond SOLD 

#243. TWA Stratoliner Club Medal:
This silver 1 1/4 in. dia. medal was issued when the Boeing 307 Stratoliner entered service just before WW2. One side says "Member TWA Stratoliner Club" and the other "4 Engine Overweather Stratoliner". Both sides have nice images of Stratoliner. This was the world's first pressurized airliner, sometimes called the civilian B-17. Only a few of these airplanes were built for Pan Am and TWA. All saw service during WW2. Most ended their lives in SE Asia many years later. Ex cond $50 

#244. Western Air Lines Kiddy Wings:
This stamped and painted wing appears to be brass or plated tin. Whatever it is, it's more substantial than the plastic used for the past 40 years. This wing is probably late 30's. Slight age discoloration. 2 1/8 in WS. Good cond $25

Miscellaneous Odd Bits 

#245. OX-5 Propeller: 
This 8 1/2 ft. walnut propeller is in excellent condition. It has no discernible markings of origination. Most likely a generic mid-late 20's propeller for the vast amounts of then popular OX-5 powered aircraft. Ex cond SOLD

#247. Piper Advertising License Plate Attachment: 
This colorful license tag shows a happy family in their Super Cruiser. 10 x 4 3/4, Ex cond SOLD


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