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Flusport Magazine A Collection of 15 from 1934-36. Thes covers are a little chipped on most but overall pretty decent condition. $75 for the lot

1934 Feb, Mar, May, Aug.

1935 Feb, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov,

1936 Jan, Feb, Aug, Sept, Nov, Dec


#132. Aero Digest (August 1931):
Cover with ill. of Fairchild 22. Includes: Articles on recent long distance flights and the National Air Tour; detailed articles on the Corben Baby Ace and Nicholas Beazley Trainer and lots of great ads, etc. Slight darkening to edges of cover. 9 x 12, 136 pp. Vg cond $20 

#133. Aero Digest (April 1932):
National Aircraft Show Number. Four pages on the new Ford Trimotor, the model 14-A. Mentions introduction of Fairchild 24 and Guiberson Diesel Engine. Large amount of info on the Detroit Aircraft Show, 144 pp. Ex cond $20 

#134. Aero Digest (September 1932):
Cover with ill. of two Lockheed Orions, one flown by J.H. Doolittle for Shell Oil Co. Info on upcoming National Air Race with details of events, prize money, and trophy. 88 pp. Vg cond $20 

#135. Aero Digest (April 1935):
Annual digest of American aircraft, engines and accessories. These annual issues are one of the best records of what was going on in the American aviation industry at the time. Almost all aircraft in current production were covered, with a photo, three-view and text on each. Engines and accessories are also covered. Slight separation on spine. 156 pp. Vg cond $25 

#136. Aero Digest (March 1936):
Three Grumman F2F-1 Fighters shown diving across cover. Includes much news of the day. The technical section focuses on The New Cub Monoplane (J-2), Stinson Reliant SR-7A and B and the Pitcairn Roadable Autogiro. 82 pp. Ex cond $20 

#137. Aero Digest (March 1939):
Fifth annual digest of aircraft, engines and accessories. Another mammoth annual directory from Aero Digest, 232 pp. Vg cond. $25 

#138. Aero Digest (July 1940):
Cover ill. of early model Curtiss P-40. Several of the new aircraft included were the Culver Cadet, Aeronca "Super-Chief" and Vought-Sikorsky XF4U-1 Corsair. Lots of production and manufacturing info. Ex cond SOLD 

#139. Flying Aces (December 1939):
Colorful cover of this classic aviation "pulp" magazine shows Spitfire colliding with German bomber. Slight separation at binding, 8 1/2 x 11, 80pp Good cond $15 

#140. Flying Aces (April 1941):
Cover graphics were changed somewhat by this time to a slightly more modern look. This issue has a nice cover with a Ryan STM . Interesting article about the first "Aero Junkman", Arrigo Balboni, who had a 100 acre airplane graveyard near LA. Some chipping to cover and a few dog-eared pages, 80 pp. Good cond SOLD 

#141. Flying Aces (May 1941):
XF4U-1 Corsair on cover. Some chipping to covers. Good cond $15 

#142. Flying Aces (June 1941):
Northrop float plane on cover. Good cond $15 

#143. Flying Aces (June 1942):
P-40 on cover. Good cond $15 

#144. Flying Aces (July 1942):
Westland Whirlwind and Focke-Wulf 198 on cover. Good cond $15


#146. Journal of the Aeronautical Sciences: 
Five issues of this journal, the house organ of The Institute of Aeronautical Sciences. Mostly technical in nature. The following are highlights: 1. Dec. 1936, An article on the "Next Five Years in Aviation" by Igor Sikorsky and Alexander Klemin, among others; 2. March 1941, Annual meeting issue with article on aircraft plywood; 3. August 1941, " Light Aircraft Engine Development" by Harold Morehouse; 4. October 1941, " Design of High-Speed Military Airplanes" by C.L. (Kelly) Johnson, Lockheed's Chief Research Engineer (Later head of the "Skunk Works"); 5. August 1950, " Development of High-Speed Water-Based Aircraft" by Ernest Stout, engineer at Vultee. 50-60 pp. ea. on average. All in very good condition, some with added notes. $30 

#147. Model Aircraft Builder Volume 1 Number 4 (August 1936):
Nice cover with Cessna C-34 and detailed plans to build same therein. Several interesting articles on full-sized aircraft. Includes petition to sign, asking to bring the original Wright Flyer back to this country. Lots of advertisements for model aircraft and engines, 8 1/2 x 11, 48 pp. Good cond SOLD 

#148. Popular Aviation (December 1935):
Cover illustration on Benny Howard's Mister Mulligan. Included are plans for building a flying model of it by Paul Lindberg. Lots of other interesting articles on full size aircraft and models. Twenty various Army Air Corps Squadron insignia illustrated in color on the back cover, 8 1/2 x 11, 64 pp. Ex cond $15 

#149. Popular Aviation (November 1937):
Gwinn Aircar on cover. Articles on Roscoe Turner's Turner-Laird Meteor, Sikorsky XPBS-1, Bell XFM-1 Airacuda and plans for building a gas-powered Luscombe Phantom, 82 pp. Exc cond $15 

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