Stuffinder's Links

Glenn H Curtiss Museum- A superb museum specializing in the history of one of aviation's most important and often over-looked pioneers. (Orville & Wilbur Who?}

The Flying Boat America replica they recently completed is the worth the visit alone!

Eaglesmere Air Museum - A fabulous new museum rapidly fledging wings in the Turkey Country of Sullivan County, Central PA. Over 20 Golden Age airplane's and a large collection of rare aviation engines and memorabilia. Wiley Post's Bird CK and the Thunderbird W-14 flown by Roscoe Turner are just two of the highlights.

Posey Brothers- Mike & Larry Posey and their cohorts are turning out some fabulous restorations inc. Alan Lopez's prize winning Stearman 4E & the Eaglesmere Bird. Nearly completed is an incredibly rare "Bull" Stearman M-2. Powered by an original P & W Hornet only 14 were built and used by Varney Air Lines.

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