Welcome to Stuffinder's first catalog! I hope you'll find this catalog an interesting read as well as a great place to shop for original aviation artifacts.

This catalog is the result of a lifetime interest in aviation. One of my earliest memories as a child is of dragging home an Aircraft Spotter's Handbook, my first acquisition at age four. Later in life, I served a four year enlistment in the Air Force as one of their first computer technicians. After my discharge from the military, I continued to fix computers for Burroughs. When their military contracts were cut back, I decided to follow my instincts and my love of old "stuff" and begin an antique business.

In the area of aviation, my particular interests are original art, books, scratch-built and factory display models, real photo postcards, sales literature and photos. I specialize in material up to and including WWII, but will consider anything through the 60's.

Some of my other areas of interest are guitars, banjos, mandolins, watches, scientific instruments, fountain pens, pocket and hunting knives. Also of interest are transportation memorabilia including motorcycle,automobile and boat. I buy advertising, books, catalogs, models, postcards etc. pertaining to any of my fields of interest.

I'd planned on having more toys and postcards in this catalog. Unfortunately, time and space constraints have caused me to save those items for another catalog. For those of you specfically interested in postcards, I am considering a dedicated aviation postcard list/auction. Please contact me if you're interested in receiving a postcard sale list.

Upcoming collections to be processed and catalogued include those of:

Archibald Black- av. engineer, consultant and author. Material spans 1915-34.

Daniel Rochford- av. editor and Pan Am PR man 1925-45.

A K "Stutzie" Miller-eccentric Stutz Bearcat coll. and aviator, who ran an aircraft salvage business in the 30's. He owned and flew the DH-4 presently in the USAF museum as well as "Miss Champion", a Pitcairn Autogiro now restored and flying. Included in this coll. is a wealth of info pertaining to Wright Aeronautical and their engines.

In closing, I'd like to thank my wife, Nancy, for cajoling, advertising, editing and making me nuts! Without her, this catalog would never have come to fruition. Also, deserving thanks is Linda Zielinski of Integrity Graphics, whose expertise and patience made our first catalog fun. Without their combined efforts my "stuff" would still be in one of the many wonderful piles I've accumulated over the years.

Thank you for your continued interest and I look forward to doing business with you in the future.


Tom Heitzman

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