Flying Schools 

#122. Chicago Aviation Company (1928):
"How To Fly", reads the cover of this school prospectus, by Roy J. Bassett, chief pilot. Lots of verbiage on learning to fly, photos, and discussion of facilities and equipment. Two pages of testimonials and the back cover is a full-page ad. for the "Viking", a four place cabin monoplane powered by a 120 HP Anzani. "Viking" doesn't ring a bell with me. If anybody has info. on it, how about dropping me a note or E-mail? 8 1/2 x 11, 24 pp. Ex cond SOLD 

#123. Marshall Flying School, Inc. (1928):
"Get up Into the Sky!" shouts the cover of this brochure with a colorful airplane reminiscent of an early Lockheed Vega. This school was associated with the Nicholas-Beazley Airplane Co. and Walter Barling, designer of the huge and notoriously unsuccessful "Barling Bomber." Lots of text and photos about the school and aviation's unlimited possibilities. In orig. envelope w/enclosed letter and return envelope. 8 1/2 x 11, 24 pp. Ex cond sold

#124. Von Hoffman Aircraft Co. (1928):
Entitled "Aviation and You!", this brochure has wonderful 3-color ill. of a Ryan Brougham flying over a Conestoga Wagon crossing the prairie. Inside of front cover has photo of Lindbergh and hyperbolic text glorifying his achievements and the future of aviation. Lots of photos of the facility and fleet at Lambert Field, St. Louis, "The Air Capital." Ills. included are an OX-5 Pheasant, 5 OX-5 Eaglerocks, a Hisso, and two Wright J-5 Ryans. Full of info on courses. Included are several forms, a letter dated July 14, 1928. All in the original envelope, 9x12, 24 pp. w/card covers. Ex cond SOLD 

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