Flying Gear 

#116. Spalding Aviation Equipment Catalog (May 5,1917): 
A fascinating look a what the well-dressed pilot was wearing just before the "Great War". Illustrated with photos of helmets, hoods, leather coats, trousers, gloves, mittens, goggles, etc. This is the same A.G. Spalding firm famous for their sporting goods. Nice cover ill. of period biplane in flight over torpedo boat/sub chaser. 5 1/2 x 8, 10 pp. VG cond SOLD 

#117. A.G. Spalding & Bros. Aviators' Clothing Catalog ca. 1931:
Fourteen years later and the variety of equipment available was bigger and better. Twenty-five varieties of goggles, alone! Summer and winter flying suits for both men and women. Ten styles of men's leather jackets. Twelve types of helmets including radio, oxygen and Gosport styles were available. The cover has a great illustration of the Curtiss Tanager (winner of the Guggenheim Safe Aircraft contest) and ½ page article on Tanager. 6 x 9, 20 pp. w/card covers. Ex cond SOLD

#118. Autocrat Goggles (1911): 
The ultimate in Aviator eye protection in 1911. I have a 1911 catalog with 8 styles (15 variations) of goggles. This model was the most expensive at $5.00. All the rest were in $1-2 range. The following is a description from that catalog, "Collapsible silvered silk metallic gauze cup, edged with velvet covered rubber cushion and chenille, large one-piece glass, in hinged leatherette case". These French made goggles are in Ex cond in original box. SOLD 

#119. Flying Suit (1930's):
Anderson Flying Togs, of Danville, VA. made this small (size 4 or 34" approx.), twill flying suit. It is a one-piece coverall type with slash map pocket. Fastened with snaps (emblazoned Anderson) and zipper, all in good condition. The suit is off-white in color with just a little soiling and a few light spots. I believe when cleaned it will look nearly new. With matching belt, a perfect accessory for your WACO 10. SOLD 

#120. "Insensitive" Altimeter (1940's ?):
This standard 3 1/4 in. dia. panel-mount Pioneer altimeter has US Navy stamp on back. It is marked on dial, "Range -1000 to +3000 ft.", has only one hand and no Barometric press. adj. Ex working cond SOLD 

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