Revised 9/14/2015




Armstrong-Whitworth Argosy Ground Handling & Serciving Manual (Riddle Aircraft) This is a factory manual in orig binder, 1 loose page OW excellent cond Riddle was a US freight line that was founded in the 40's by the co-founder of Embry-Riddle. Lots of great ill. of this big airplane. $30

Boeing 747 Operating Manual issued by American Airlines 1976 w/Revisions thru 8/20/76 Superb condition as pilot went out on medical 1976. $150

BAC-111Trouble Shooting Manual MOHAWK Airlines 300 plus ppRev 3/1/67 $35

DOUGLAS C-54 A & B CAA Approved Manual for Capital Airlines 101 pp. Nov. 1946, Last Rev., Feb.1954 $60

Douglas DC-10 Operating Manual issued by American Airlines 1975 w/ Revisions thru 11/9/76 Excellent condition. $150


Lockheed Model 10 (Electra) Maintenance Parts Catalog This parts list covers the 10A, B & E. It's not an IPB but does have Fuselage & Wing Station diagrams. This is the Parts Book for Amelia Earhart's airplane. 198 pp ca. 1940 $100


Lockheed Constellation Models 049, 149, 649, 749 & 749A Structural Repair Manual Printed Nov. 15,1946 and Revised through Aug 15, 1957. 316pp $100

Lockheed Constellation 1049 C & E Pocket Handbook This 5 x 7 in. hdbk contains 203 pp w/ill. foldouts etc. Cover a little tattered but contents nr mint. $50

Martin 2-0-2 General Instructions Manual Dec. 15,1946 200 plus pp. $60

Below are a group of Airliner Manuals that I have available drop me an Email if interested.