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Kameradschaft der Luft , this is an elegant German language work on the History of Heinkel aircraft through 1938.

Nicely bound w/Linen covers & leather backstrap, nicely illustrated, (2nd ill. cropped)10x 13 1/2 in. 101 pp. $40


So Away I Went, William Bushnell Stout's Autobiography An interesting look at this aviation pioneer who had a habd in many aviation ventures inc. FORD Tri-Motor, Stout Airlines,

Stout Scarab etc. 1st Edition 1951 333pp Excellent condition w/ stattered DJ $30

Metal Aircraft Construction, Marcus Langley 4th Rev Ed Sir Isaac Pitman, London 1941 443 pp A very well-illustrated look at metal aircraft construction at the dawn of WWII. $25

Aeronca - A Photo History, Bob Hollenbaugh & John Hauser 1993, 128 pp A great look at Aeronca's history using original, period photos. $30


The Beech 17 , Peter Berry, 1992 96 pp Another great publication by Air-Britain. Lots of detail & great photos. $30



Revolution in the Sky, Richard Sanders Allen, 1964 232pp, The 1st edition of the best reference to the early single engine Lockheed's. VG cond slight tear in DJ. $15


Of Monocoupes & Men, John W. Underwood, 1969. 60 pp Superb work on Monocoupes, but also Don Luscombe & Clayton Folkerts, the men behing them. Loyts of Luscombe info as well. If you're interested in Monocoupes you MUST have this book. SOLD



Of Monocoupes & Men, John W. Underwood, 2nd Ed 1973, 64 pp Superb work on Monocoupes, but also Don Luscombe & Clayton Folkerts, the men behing them. Loy's of Luscombe info as well. If you're interested in Monocoupes you MUST have this book. SOLD

The Stinsons, John W Underwood, 1976, 80 pp Not just a superb lok at Stinson aircraft but much history on Katherine, Majorie & Eddies one of the USA's most interesting flying families. Not to be missed if you're a Stinson owner or fan. $40

"Upside-Down" Pangborn, King of the Barnstormers. Carl Cleveland, 1978, 208 pp One of the best books available on the barnstorming era! A partner w/ Ivan Gates in the Gares Flying circus, one of the best known of alll the exhibtion tems ever. $20


They Call Me Mr. Airshow, Bill Sweet 1972, 265 pp A fascinating look at the world of Air Shows, inc. aerobatics & air racing from the 30's- 1970. One of the best known announcers & promoters in the business gives a great look at the business w/ lots of photos. Somewhat scarce, esp. in VG cond w/DJ $30

Modern Aircraft, Major Victor W Page, 1929, 855 pp This is probably the best single book you can buy if you're interested in airplanes/engines built up to 1929. It's incredibly packed with history, development & technology of the science of aviation. DJ cover only present, book is Mint. Here are images of cover & contents. Cover, cont 1, cont 2, cont 3, cont 4 $50


Airports & Established Landing Fields in the United States, 1933 Pub. Airport Directiry Co. Hackensack,NJ Has slight paper loss on cover and a few pages have light soiling but generally good condition and a wealth if info, 290 pp. $40

Speed-The Biography of Charles W Holman By Noel Allard 1976 87 pp Excelleny lok at the life of "Speed" Holman. From barnstormer to ai racer. DJ chipped at top of binding and previous owners name blind stamped on title page. OW excellent condition.Hard to find Hardbound edition. $20

Art Chester Story by John W Caler & John Underwood A very interesting, well-illustrated monogtaph of the very successful racing & test pilot Art Chester. Lots of nice photos of air racing & Davis airplanes. 8 1/2 x 11 in. 32 pp Prtd 1968 Great cover painting by John Amendola & 3-views of Chester's race planes. $20

Modern Flight by Cloyd P Clevenger, Alexander Aircraft's Chief Pilot & Instructor. General manual on flying w/3 pp of detailed rigging inst. for Alexander Eaglerock $30

The United States Air Force and Its Antecedents: A Selected Bibliography of Published and Printed Unit and Command Histories by James T Controvich 1991 186 pp This is the hard to find 1st edition in EX cond. $25

Picture History of Aviation on Long Island by George C Dade & Frank Strnad 1989 186 pp Ex. photo history Excellent Cond $10


Stunt Flying by Capt. Richard Duncan, Goodheart-Willcox Co. Chicago 1930 183pp plus 12 pp av book adv pp in back VG cond w/DJ $30

Dyke's Aircraft Engine Instructor by A L Dyke This is one of the "bibles" for Golden Age acft engine maintenance & repair. 1930 425 pp Very slight chips to soft cover but OW VG. $40

Gee Bee, "The Real story of the Granville Brothers and Their Marvelous Airplanes" by Henry A Haffkee 176 pp 1989 In my opinion the best written of the history of the Gee Bee. It's hard to find these days. $50

The DO-X by George Hoffman 90pp This is a Reprint from the Airpost Journal of the American Airmail Society. Lots of good info on this monster! $20

Her Mentor Was an Albatross, The Autobiography of Pioneer Pilot Harriet Quimby by Henry M Holden 1993 157 pp Nr Mint hardback $20

Fly It Away! by Henry B Lent 1946 108 pp A nice look at Stinson Voyager 150 production. Written at high school level but lots of great illustrations. GD cond $30

Amphibian The Story of The Loening Biplane by Grover Loening 1973 196 pp A very interesting look at his very successful airplane by it's designer.

Very slight wrinkling to pages OW VG.DJ slightly chipped. $10

Grumman Guidebook by Mitch Mayborn NR Mint copy of this excellent work on Grummans aircraft. 1976 112 pp Soft Cover Ed. $25

The Official Monogram Painting Guide to German Aircraft 1935-1945 144 pp by Merrick & Hitchcock. This is an incredible reference for any serious German WWII aft enthusiast. Full of great photos and 3-views with actual paint chips. Printed on very heavy stock in loose-leaf form. It's a very hard to find. $76

Wings for Life by Ruth Nichols This is a very hard to find bio of this very successful woman pilot of the Golden Age. 1957 357 pp VG cond except someone cut out parts of the DJ and glued them to the front enpapers! $40

IOWA Takes to the Air Vol I 1845-1918 & Vol II 1919-1941 Vol I 274 pp. 1980, Vol II 322pp 1986 Very well written & illustrasted by Ann Holtgren Pellegreno, who replicated Amelia Warhart's Round-the-World Flight (minus crash & disappearance!) $40

Baling Wire, Chewing Gum & Guts, by Bill Rhode A great 1st person look at the history of barnstorming and especially the Gates Flying Circus, arguably the most successful of the major Barn Storming outfits. 1970 194 pp. ex Library, sticker on binding and a few stamps but Overall VG $20

Glenn Curtiss: Pioneer of Flight by C R Roseberry One of the best biographies of the incredible man Glenn Curtiss. Very well-illustrared 1972 514 pp. There is a more

recent paperback edition but the photo quality is better in this original printing. DJ a little chipped and owner's name stamped on title page OW VG. $20

Aeronca C-2 The Story of the Flying Bathtub by Jay P Spenser 1978 72 pp Very detailed look at the development & history of this Pioneer aircraft of the Golden Age. $10


WALDO Pioneer Aviator by Waldo Dean Waterman w/Jack Carpenter A great 1st person account of the development of aviation from 1910-1944 by Early Bird pilot

Waldo Waterman. 492 pp, 1988 Soft cover slightly curled but good OW. $10

To The Moon and Halfway Back by Roger Q Williams 1949 292 pp Signed by Author Lots of great photos of Post WWI military flyers & barnstorming era. Williams was as successful endurance pilot involved w/ Clarence Camberlain for years. This is a very scarc book. $25

1. Sander & Rawson,The Book of the Autogiro,

This relatively scarce book was published by Pitman, London, 1931 112 pp. plus another 20 pp. av. book catalog. Well illustrated work on Autogiro with Running & Operation inc. ex-lib, w/sticker on spine and title page stamps. $60


#64. The Aeronautical Annual, edited by James A. Means (1895) :
This fascinating work on pioneer attempts at flight includes several early works on man-flight. Some of the people covered are: Leonardo da Vinci, George Cayley ("On Aerial Navigation"/1809), Thomas Walker ("A Treatise Upon the Art of Flying"/1810), F.H. Wenham ("Aerial Locomotion"/1866), Ben Franklin's aeronautical correspondence of the 1780's, James Means ("The Problem of Manflight"/1894). Mentions Langley, Darwin and others. This is the first year of this annual, which was also published in 1896 and 1897. In 1910, The Epitome of the Aeronautical Annual, was printed with highlights of the 1st three volumes. Well illustrated. This is an interesting insight into early ballooning and man-flight. 6 x 9, 172 pp. Near Mint condition.    $150


#64b. The Epitome of the Aeronautical Annual, edited by James Means. (1910)
This volume contains the highlights of the three original volumes.  This copy is missing the cover, frontispiece and title page as well as part of the binding on the spine. That being said, it contains the highlights of the 1st three Annuals and is considered an important reference on this early era of flight. It's 6 x 9 in. and has 220 pages and is in good condition aside from the 1st couple of pages being missing! $50

#65. Aero Club of America Rule book, (1922):
This book covers the organization of aeronautic contests and rules. Includes rules of the international governing body, the Federation Aeronautique International (FAI) with a discussion of some of the more important races of the day and photos of prize trophies. 5 x 7, 253 pp. plus 18 pp. of advertising. VG cond SOLD

#66. Aerosphere, (1941):
This series of massive books by Glenn Angle, published only in 1939,1941,1942 and 1943 are one of the best references of the period. Noteworthy is the in-depth coverage on aero-engines. (Angle wrote a 1921 vol., Airplane Engine Encyclopedia of the World). This book is loaded with photos, specifications, lists, and addresses for all sorts of suppliers, etc. 8 ½ x 11 ½ , 948 pp. Ex cond $75

#67. Aircraft Yearbook for 1920 :
The second year of publication for this yearbook. Full of photos and technical info. 6 x 9, 333pp. Yellow binding is detached at spine but o/w fairly good cond $95

#79. Man's Fight to Fly, by John P.V. Heinmuller, revised ed. 1945:
This book is a wealth of info esp. on the record flights of the 30's-40's with ills. Many of the aviators and acft. are pictured and their signatures are shown on flown airmail covers of the period. An indispensable reference on this era of flight. Heinmuller was the official timer for the FAI. 6 x 8, 370 pp. Good cond $40

#88. Fokker-The Man & The Aircraft by Henri Hegener (1961):
One of the highly respected "Harleyford Publications". This one printed in this country by Aero Publishers. Lots of detail w/many photos and 3-views. Probably the best single reference on Fokker Aircraft, 8 ¾ x 11 ¾, 225 pp.  VG cond $37.50

#98. The Speed Seekers by Thomas G. Foxworth (1974):
Focusing on the period of 1919-26, this is an extremely well-researched and written book. Covering the development of aircraft and engines through this period, but also adds a lot of insight into the people involved in this quest. Copiously illustrated and including 4 appendices with vast amounts of data. Recently reprinted by Motorbooks International. This is the original American printing by Doubleday, 11 x 10, 560 pp. w/dj Ex cond $50

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