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While there doesn't seem to be much interest in purchasing original aviation art other by very few well recognized artist's I thought it might be interesting to some to see some of the stuff I've collected over the years. If anyone is interested in buying/selling/trading I'm always interested in discussing it.

I'll start with a piece by Jo Kotula that I got from him in the year or two before he passed away. I'd bought some stuff he'd done for Piper from Piper's retired staff illustrator. I found out he lived about 15 miles from my Mom & Dad in New Jersey. After having the Piper pieces framed at the behest of my wife I went and knocked on his door with them in my hand one day! He was very welcoming and offered to let me sell some of his stuff on consignment. I sold a few of his ill. for Model Airplane News covers as well as a couple of Aurora kit box ill. Unfortunately I couldn't afford to buy any of his finished pieces for myself as they were selling for $1600 and I was just starting in the antique business and scambling to pay the bills! I did manage to save a few of his smaller working drawings. The one I've illustrated below is my favorite. When I saw it I exclaimed "What a great Barnsormer in a Jenny!" He looked at me and said "I thought you said you knew airplanes!" I looked closer and realized that it was a Standard much to my chagrin!" When I mentioned I'd never heard of a wingwalker dropping off an airplane into a hayfield he responded that there was a barnstormer that came through the Atchison/Topeka area whose wingwalker would always do this if there was a field with tall enough hay/grass/grain to cushion his fall as he tucked and rolled off the spreader bar!


Barnstormer Painting

#55. French Curtiss P-36's attacking Messerschmidts by Paullengeller (sp?) 1939:
I believe this dramatic scene to be a hand-colored silk screen, although it looks entirely original. It is numbered 8/34, which would lead one to believe it is a print of some sort. In the bottom right corner is a description of the scene which took place Nov. 6, 1939. Commanded by Francais Hugues the Curtiss Hawks attacked 27 Messerschmidts. This colorful piece is 30 x 22 and is in good condition with the exception of slight water spotting at top of image. $350 

#56. B-24 Watercolor by Maurice Leclair (sp?):
This image is done in the style of contemporary artists, such as Lucien Cave` and Jaffe. I haven't seen other work by this artist and don't know if he produced them in quantity or not. Slight foxing and a slight flaw near left border, easily covered by rematting, 25 x 18 ½ . Otherwise good cond $150

#57. Douglas A-20 Drawing by Ted Grohs: 
Ted Grohs was a Los Angeles based artist in the late 30's and early 40's. I have a series of black/white prints of military aircraft he did for the Fuller Paint Co. about the same time this was done. This is a truly beautiful rendering of an early WW2 A-20. The image size is 12 ¾ x 10, overall size 19 x 16. $600 

#58. Martin PBM-1 by Dustin Carter 1941: 
I was well aware of Dustin Carter's work as an aviation historian and photographer. It wasn't until I acquired this and several other of his drawings that I found out he was a talented artist as well as an aerospace engineer and historian. Nicely done in pencil and signed in bottom right corner. Ex cond with new frame and mat. 18 ½ x 11 ½ image 22 ½ x 15 ½ overall $400 

#59. Piper Cheyenne II by Dick Clark (mid 1970's):
This incredibly well-detailed pen and ink cutaway view was done for Piper Aircraft while Dick Clark was their chief illustrator. Unmatted 22 x 16 ¾ Good cond $200 

#60. Piper Pocono by Dick Clark: 
This rendering for a proposed "stretch" model 23 seat Pocono was probably done in 1970. Only one Pocono was ever built. 20 ¼ x 8, unmatted. Good cond $250 

#61. Boeing 40B-4 by Dick Clark: 
This drawing was done as part of a series of three-views that Dick did for Scale R/C Modeler Magazine in mid 70's. 26 x 20 on board. A few areas of whiteout from being shot for magazine illustration. Overall good cond. $300 

#62. Boeing 95 by Dick Clark: 
This ill. appeared in the October 1976 Scale R/C Modeler Magazine, 24 x20. Also has a few whited out areas and descriptive text on paper label glued to board o/w good cond. $300 

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