Air Racing

#6. 1932 National Air Races Ticket Brochure:
Tri-fold brochure advertising the races at Cleveland, "The Nation's Most Colossal Sporting Event!" Ticket prices ranged from $1 for general admission to $400 for a sponsor box for 8, "directly on the start/finish line." Great graphics on cover, 3 x 6. Ex cond SOLD

#7. 1934 National Air Races Program:
Official program & log for the 1934 Nat. Air Races at Cleveland, Ohio from Aug. 31-Sept. 3. Includes lots of ills., lists and details for all the various races. Much biographical and historical data. Even has the original coupon, normally clipped, on last page for the Grand Prize Drawing. Has an extra page with the entries for Friday, Aug. 1, events, 9x12, 52 pp. Good cond SOLD
#8. 1937 National Air Races Program:
Similar to above. Sept. 3-6, 1937 at Cleveland. Also w/coupon, 10 x12 ½, 64 pp. Good cond SOLD

#9. 1938 National Air Races Program:
Ditto for Cleveland races held Sept. 3-5, 1938 w/coupon. Centerfold loose, 10 ½ x12 ½ , 64 pp. Good cond SOLD

#10. 1946 National Air Races Program Aug. 30- Sept. 2 at Cleveland. First race of the 40's , the others were canceled due to the war, 9 x 12, 64 pp. VG cond $60

#11. 1947 National Air Races Program Aug. 30. - Sept. 1 at Cleveland, 9 x 12, 64 pp. Good cond $50

#12. 1967 Cleveland National Air Races Sept. 2-4, 1967 :
Formula One, Sport Biplane and Ladies Stock class races. No unlimited pylon racing, although a transcontinental unlimited race from Palm Springs was supposed to end there on Sat. afternoon. Much info about Charlie Hillard, Hal Krier, Bob Hoover and their air show routines, 8 ½ x11, 30 pp. VG cond $30


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